Eromon Revival Festival
Name Eromon Revival Festival
Type Event Areas Replay (no EPs will be collected)
Duration 4 days
Start 31 May 2016 End 03 June 2016
Areas 1 Last R.500 EP

Eromon Revival Festival is a reunion type event that is scheduled to run from 05/31/2016 until 06/03/2016. It is a small re-run of the game's second event The Villain Returns! Operation Punishment

All event areas are opened at the beginning of the event on 05/31/2016

Time till the event ends:

Event Areas

H-Scene Eromons

H-scene Eromons

Mifuyu Oda (Topaz)

Mifuyu Oda chibi
Area 1-Stages 1,4,7,10 8%
Chikashi Sana chibi
Area 1-Stages 1,4,7,10 ?%

Umino Takaoka chibi
Area 1-Stages 2,5,8,11 8%
Miyashita Yuma chibi
Area 1-Stages 2,5,8,11 ?%

Rump-knecht chibi
Area 1-Stages 3,6,9,12 8%
Kurii Mii chibi
Area 1-Stages 3,6,9,12 ?%
NOTE: Since this will be a reunion type event, there will be no EP farming and therefore no boosters. So you won't need to save tickets to spend in the Gacha.

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