Fujiwara Karin
Fujiwara Karin avatar
Eromon Information
Type: Ruby Type
Initial Rarity: HR Rarity
Final Rarity: SSR Rarity
Innate Move: Nothing Beats Milk
BWH: 82/57/84
Height: 157cm
Illustration: Secret
Voice: Secret

Fujiwara Karin is a Ruby-type, HR→SSR Eromon, listed as the 656th Eromon in the Album Collection.

Was obtainable from:

Album Entry

She speaks with a heavy accent, as she was born in the west after all. She always puts herself before others, which unfortunately leads to her looking down upon those very same people all too often.


Level HP MP Attack Defense Provocation Speed
1 915 398 703 596 265 199
60 5378 1061 1997 1724 641 252


Nothing Beats Milk


Description Lv MP Cost Power
Boost the PROVOKE of all allies temporarily.
Lv1 1020 40
LvMax 870 50


HR Rarity: Fujiwara Karin at yer service. The only gal in this whole wide world who's nicer than me'd have to be yer mamma!

SR Rarity: I can barely count the number of men I've made cry... Mr. *Username*, have you been burned by my love as well?

SSR Rarity: Huh? You want to touch me? I think you forget your place in life, Mr. *Username*! None of that unless you miraculously turn over a new leaf!


H-Scenes Face Teaser

Fujiwara Karin SSR scene face


  • Awarded +100% EPs during the 2nd Of Kingcraft And Star-Sea Gods Event.
  • In the mobile version of the game, she is colored differently, with light brown hair and pink clothes.

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