Hiromi Kasahara
Eromon Information
Type: Ruby Type
Initial Rarity: HR Rarity
Final Rarity: SL Rarity
Innate Move: Elder Nurse
BWH: 83/56/84
Height: 156cm
Illustration:  ?
Voice:  ?

Hiromi Kasahara is a Ruby-Type, HR→SL Rarity Eromon, currently listed as the 518th Eromon in the Album Collection.

Obtainable from:

Was obtainable from:

Album Entry


Level HP MP Attack Defense Provocation Speed
1 1398 685 649 866 709 233
70 5760 1256 1926 2240 1074 271


Elder Nurse

Damage & Debuff

Description Lv MP Cost Power
Deals Ruby damage to one enemy and decreases her attack temporarily by 25.
Lv1 1500 1000
LvMax ? 1200


HR Rarity: What do you want with me? I'm quite busy looking into the latest trends, you know?

SR Rarity: Sweet foods are great remedies against fatigue, right? So, you tend to eat a lot of that, right? 

SSR Rarity: You're surprisingly a good fellow. W-Well if its you we're talking about... I guess we can go on a date

SL Rarity: I'm rather experienced with sex... Should I take the lead then?


H-Scenes Face Teaser