Keina Yurugi
Keina Yurugi Avatar
Eromon Information
Type: Ruby Type
Initial Rarity: HR Rarity
Final Rarity: SL Rarity
Innate Move: Cool & hot choco
BWH: 72/56/80
Height: 150cm
Illustration: ☆Young lady complex
Voice: Momozono Kaoru

Keina Yurugi is a Ruby-type, HR→SL Eromon, listed as the 611th Eromon in the Album Collection.

Was obtainable from :

Album Entry

A girl with a super cool character. Doesn't like to be pampered nor does she pamper anyone. Is blunt with everyone which makes her seem cold and without many friends. But she can get clingy once you get to know her.


Level HP MP Attack Defense Provocation Speed
1 1385 481 631 572 306 205
70 6925 1313 2203 2111 771 276


Cool & hot choco


Description Lv MP Cost Power
Restores HP of all allies. Increases the Speed of all allies (increase power 15).
Lv1 1450 1100
LvMax 1400 1300


HR Rarity: Keina Yurugi. That's me. I'm angry. This is the usual me. Get used to it.

SR Rarity: Valentine's Day? It's just an event that is held every year. It's nothing special.

SSR Rarity: I don't like to pamper people. I don't like being pampered either. that's the kind of girl I am. If you're fine with that, then go ahead.

SL Rarity: Hey... Can I pamper you sometimes? I'm not used to it, so I'll suck at it at first.


H-Scenes Face Teaser

Keina Yurugi SSR Scene Face
Keina Yurugi SL Scene Face

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