PvP can be found in the lower right-hand corner of the main menu, and uses fighting spirit as a resource. Every player has a maximum of 5 fighting spirit. The goal of the fight is to deal the most damage in sixty seconds.


To begin a PvP battle, a player spends one fighting spirit and selects a team of six eromon and two back-up eromon. When an eromon faints, a back up moves into its place; what is different from normal questing is that a fainted eromon will be put back into the rotation instead of remaining fainted (After a third eromon faints, rather than leave an empty slot, the first eromon to faint joins as if it were a back up eromon).

A match lasts for sixty seconds, during which players may switch eromon positioning and use abilities. When a player uses an ability, the timer does not stop for the duration, so a move takes about two to four seconds to execute.

Combos work here just as they do in questing, timers running down between moves and eromon fainting resetting the combo count to zero.

Battle Round Mode

In Battle Round mode, players begin with a full MP bar and all Eromon begin ready to use their abilities. Their opponent each round is randomly assigned. If they win, they are given the option to quit or continue. Quitting gives them a reward, while continuing puts everything they've earned so far at risk.

Winning one round will grant one victory, and players may opt to continue fighting consecutive rounds 4 times (for a total of 5 rounds) before the game automatically terminates. Losing a round does not forfeit your accumulated prizes [needs verification] and grants you the number of rounds you won.

Climax Mode

Climax Mode is a single round of battle where players begin with half MP bars instead of full bars. However, just as in Battle Rounds, each Eromon begins ready to use their ability.

This is the preferred mode since players don't have to deal with the attrition of consecutive rounds, and their opponents scale according to win streak. As your win streak increases, the opponents' teams will become composed of stronger Eromon, and the AI will play more aggressively. This lends a measure of predictability to opponents' strength.

Test Play

At any time, at no spirit cost, players may enter Test Play. This mode pits a player's team against an AI controlled copy of itself. This mode is useful for studying how the AI fights with different team compositions, and serves as good practice, especially when playing with new builds.


PvP has two reward systems: individual rewards and season rewards.

Individual rewards are random consumable items which are given whenever a match is won. They are distributed differently in Battle Rounds and Climax Mode.

  • In Battle Rounds, one prize is given per victory, up to a maximum of 5 per spirit spent.
  • In Climax Mode, each victory is rewarded with 5 prizes

Season Rewards are distributed once per season (a season lasts 2 weeks, resets on Tuesdays - 2am Amsterdam GTM), based on how many total wins a player has that season relative to other players.

Battle Rewards

For each successful round, one of these rewards* listed below is pseudo-randomly selected for the player. As a players win-streak increases, the quality of their rewards increase to match.


  • 300-1000 Cash
  • 3-10 Lovey-dovey Hearts
  • 1-10 Fairies


  • 10-300 Gems [1s]
  • 1-200 Gems [2s]
  • 1-10 Gems [3s]


  • 1-10 Switcheroos
  • Limited-time mini stamina potion
  • Mini Stamina Potion
  • Special Tome [1s]
  • Special Tome [2s]
  • Moves UP Drink [2s]
  • All In Quest Items 1s and up

Gacha Tickets

  • Rare+ Ticket

*This list may be incomplete or inaccurate. Add to or correct it as more rewards are discovered.

Season Rewards

A season is a fortnight in length: the perfect score for a season without any items is 350 wins which will complete for the 4-10 range of prizes, but typically one would need to buy (or otherwise acquire) fighting spirit potions to complete with the top scorers win-counts of 500 or more.

Winning the Eromon is a relatively easy task as the cut off score for the 301-500 bracket ranges near the 25 win mark. It is currently unknown how prizes are resolved for ties that range across a rewards line.

1-3 4-10 11-100 101-300 301-500 501-1000 1001-3000 3001+
Eromon (SL) Varies with season Yes Yes Yes No No No No No
Eromon Vochers 5 3 1
Gatcha Tickets 5 Sexy-scenes

5 reunion HR

3 Sexy-scenes

3 reunion HR

2 Sexy-scenes

2 reunion HR

1 Sexy-scenes

2 HR+

1 HR+ 2 HR+ 1 HR+
Other Items 5 Special Tome [3s] 3 Special Tome [3s] 2 Special Tome [3s] 2 Special Tome [2s]

5 Mini Stamina Potions

1 Special Tome [2s]

3 Mini Stamina Potions

2 Move Switch Chocolate

2 Switch Chocolate

2 Move Power Up Ice Cream

2 Moves Up Drink [1s]

1 Switch Chocolate

1 Move Power Up Ice Cream

1 Moves Up Drink [1s]

50000 Cash

All prizes are delivered to the Postbox.

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