Sana Chikashi
Sana Chikashi avatar
Eromon Information
Type: Ruby Type
Initial Rarity: HR Rarity
Final Rarity: SL Rarity
Innate Move: Sexy Present
BWH: 87/63/88
Height: 162cm
Illustration: Inunui
Voice: -

Sana Chikashi is a Ruby-type, HR→SL Eromon, listed as the 156th Eromon in the Album Collection.

Obtainable from:

Was obtainable from:

Album Entry

A hot-blooded Santa in the making. She wants to become a helpful Santa, so every Christmas she goes around doing what she can for those who are alone. She's so determined to help that she ends up going a bit... overboard... but it's all in good faith.


Level HP MP Attack Defense Provocation Speed
1 555 413 523 121 250 130
70 5355 1196 2066 1462 681 196


Sexy Present


Description Lv MP Cost Power
Deals Ruby damage to a single enemy.
Lv1 1200 850
LvMax 1100 1050


HR Rarity: My name is Sana Chikashi the Santa. I'm still in training, but I've brought you a package ~

SR Rarity: My outfit looks cold, but this uniform is actually equipped with a heating function!

SSR Rarity: Have I been able to service you satisfactorily...? Please let me service you some more!

SL Rarity: Someone whose made me want to devote my everything to them... um... You're the first, Master!


H-Scenes Face Teaser

Sana Chikashi SSR scene face
Sana Chikashi SL scene face

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