Sheena ProfilePic
Eromon Information
Type: Topaz Type
Initial Rarity: HR Rarity
Final Rarity: SL Rarity
Innate Move: Silent Night, Sexy Night
BWH: 96/60/88
Height: 161cm
Illustration: Sensui Iko
Voice: -

Sheena is a Topaz-type, HR→SL Eromon, listed as the 172th Eromon in the Album Collection.

Obtainable from:

  • Reprint Ticket in Gacha

Was obtainable from:

Album Entry

A dunce of a succubus. She was sent to the human world to tempt people during the Christmas season, but she's unbelievably inexperienced for a succubus.


Level HP MP Attack Defense Provocation Speed
1 624 497 357 312 365 149
70 6440 1346 1928 1868 845 216


Silent Night, Sexy Night


Description Lv MP Cost Power
Boosts the ATK of all allies temporarily.
Lv1 1240 50
LvMax 1090 60


HR Rarity: I'm a Succubus...... I've come to seduce you...... Won't you allow yourself to be seduced?

SR Rarity: I was ordered to seduce humans...... So I've done my best to come and seduce you......

SSR Rarity: If possible, please have sex with me. That's my job as a Succubus......

SL Rarity: I want to have sex......because......I-I've fallen in love with you!


H-Scenes Face Teaser

Sheena SSR Scene Face
Sheena SL Scene Face


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