Page for stat explanation (wip)

These stats can be generally be found in any menu that directly deals with eromon.

Rarity: Determines Maximum Level

Normal (N) rarity eromon have a max level of twenty. Each rarity above that raise the max level by ten, up to a max of seventy: so the max level for Rare (R) is 30, HighRare (HR) is 40, SuperRare (SR) is 50, SuperSuperRare (SSR) is 60, and Lucky (L) and SuperLucky (SL) are both 70.

Attribute: Ruby>Emerald>Topaz>Sapphire>Ruby Provides Bonus Attack and Defence( add the numbers for this) (maybe: Ex: Ruby>Emerald atk doubled *1.5 // Emerald>Ruby *-1.5) same in critical attacks.

Battle Stats

These stats can be found under the Status tab when viewing an eromon.

HP: 1 HP gives 1 Hit Point

MP: 1 MP gives 1 max MP

Attack: Attack ups damage( add numbers for this please)

Defence: Defence reduced damage(add numbers for this please)

Provocation: Critical Rate 500:10%

Speed: Higher Speed decreases bar fill time ( add number for this please)

Move Stats

These stats can be found under the Moves tab when viewing an eromon.

Power Buff/Debuff: 1 Power is percent change of base stat. Example a buff of 20 Power to Speed applied to 200 Speed eromon would add 40 Speed.

Power Attack: Deals damage is a 1:1 not affected by combo multiplier. Deals type damage functions on a formula(please add formula)

Power Healing: 1 Power is 1 HP recovered

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