The Villains Counterattack Banner
Name The Villains Counterattack
Type EP farming (70,000, 150,000 and 500,000 EP will reward SSR/L/SL eromons)
Duration 13 days
Start 23 November 2016 End 06 December 2016
Areas 3 (1 Extreme) Last R.500 EP ??

The Villains Counterattack is an EP (Ero Point) farming/ranking type event that is scheduled to run from 23/11/2016 until 06/12/2016.

First area will be released at the beginning of the event on 23/11/2016.

Second area will be released at the middle of the event on 25/11/2016.

Third area will be released at the middle of the event on 29/11/2016.

Time till the event begins:

Event Areas

Every time you defeat an eromon in an area, you'll get a set amount of cash, XP points, EP points and a reward box. Your rewards are collected at the end of the stage, but it may be different depending on which eromons appear during the run

What you can expect from the stages is summarized below, but beware of the empty box!

High level eromons may have (nothing) in the box, so it disappears at the moment you obtain it. The chance of getting an "empty box" increases with the stage difficulty, so higher difficulty stages gives you more XP and EP, but potentially smaller amount of boxes.

Extreme Area

The event Extreme Area appears after clearing the second classical event area. Extreme Areas have much higher difficulty and quite less EP gain, but they are currently one of the few ways to obtain Eromon vouchers.

H-scene Eromons

Jennifer (Topaz)

Jennifer chibi
Area 1-stages 2-15 3%

Lindbell (Sapphire)

Lindbell Chibi
Area 1-stages 9-15 15%

Naruko Raimei (Topaz)

Naruko Raimei Chibi
Area 1-stages 12-15 8% (Normal)
Extreme-Stage 1 12%

Furi (Emerald)

Furi chibi
Area 2-stages 2-15 3%

Tenko Hagoromo (Emerald)

Tenko Hagoromo Chibi
Area 2-stages 9-15 12%

Odori Kirisame (Emerald)

Odori Kirisame Chibi
Area 2-stages 12-15 8% (Normal)
Extreme-Stage 2 12%

Ines (Emerald)

Ines chibi
Area 3-stages 2-15 3%

Keina Yurugi (Ruby)

Keina Yurugi Chibi
Area 3-stages 9-15 5%

Ibris (Ruby)

Ibris Chibi
Area 3-stage 12-15 8% (Normal)

Nopia (Sapphire)

Nopia Chibi
Area 3-stage 12-15 8% (Normal)

Kurage (Sapphire)

Kurage Chibi
EP Reward 70,000 EP

Ruhm (Ruby)

Ruhm Chibi
EP Reward 150,000 EP

U-00 (Emerald)

U-00 Chibi
EP Reward 500,000 EP

Erwiene (Moon Princess version) Chibi
EP Ranking Rank 1-500

EP-Bonus Eromon

The following eromons do not need to join the team to activate the special effect. Their special effects (bonus) apply the moment you get any of them.

The Gacha HAS BEEN UPDATED with the new Eromons!!

Image Eromon % Bonus
Nanjo Sachi (Powerful Maid version) Chibi
Nanjo Sachi (Powerful Maid version) (Ruby) 200%
Sekai Oma Chibi
Sekai Oma (Sapphire) 100%
Honoe Akagami chibi
Honoe Akagami (Ruby) 20% (previous EP booster)
Sonora Aokabe chibi
Sonora Aokabe (Sapphire) 20% (previous EP booster)
Kuko Kurohara chibi
Kuko Kurohara (Sapphire) 20% (previous EP booster)
Shutain Chibi
Shutain (Sapphire) 200%
Harvest Moon Chibi
Harvest Moon (Topaz) 100%
Koraru Takarano Chibi
Koraru Takarano (Ruby) 200%
Doctor Death Chibi
Doctor Death (Emerald) 100%
Lestina Chibi
Lestina (Topaz) 200%