• With the new event coming live, there has been an unexpected problem in the Album section in the game. The Eromons appear to have been randomly placed in different pages. For example while Asou Meiko was initially at the 5th page of the Album, she can now be found at the 15th page for some reason. Until this issue is fixed in-game, the new Eromons will not be added in the EROMON page, and it's highly recommended to not edit that page for adding new Eromons or swapping the past Eromon's places. You can safely edit it if you want to fix an Eromon's name.

    If you want to check the new Eromons, they'll be added soon in the current event's page: Osawari Popularity Contest

    My guess is that if the Voting page kind of messed it up. If it's not fixed when the event is over and it turns out that this will be the new order... well fuck.

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    • Ok, so since Nutaku doesn't intend to do anything to fix this issue, I'll be adding the new Eromons in the Album Page following Event Appearance order (with a little help from the Japanese wikia). Hang tight and it'll be ready soon.

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