• Nutaku has just officially announced that they will shut the entire Lord of Valkyrie game by the end of April next month.

    LoV was one of the early game (hentai) however the recent h-game like hitsuji has become the choosen game and thus old players also migrate, leaving this game with only die-hard fans. 

    If any of you are playing this game (or ever played), you still can have the environment till 28th of April. (shutting down completely on 30 April). 

    for more info, please check the following link:

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    • this is quite a suprising news, I have built quite a well-done character in this game but sadly it's going to end. 

      Jp version however is still popular, but it seems not for majority English players.

      RIP LoV, thanks for the memories (boobs/ thighs/ ass/ smut). 

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