Travel is a new feature in Osawari Island that lets you send away up to 8 Eromons at maximum for a field trip. The Travel session lasts for 24 hours. During these hours you cannot use the Eromons that were sent away in any of your Team Formations, nor call them back. This means that once you started a Travel, you cannot interrupt it / bring it to an early end.

The Eromons that you send do not affect the outcome, meaning that sending 8 Level 70 Eromons and 8 Level 1 Eromons will have the same result. Also the Eromons do not gain any XP from the session, so use the Eromons that you do not plan to use for any stage. They can, however, be enhanced, leveled up and have their powers upgraded while they are away.

An Eromon can bring back ONE SOUVENIR EACH! The souvenirs can range from alchemy gems to cash and other goodies. You can also get Eromons from previous events that are no longer obtainable. The downside is that you must use Monster Gems to be able to capture Eromons.

Each of the Eromons you send away can carry one Monster Gem. This means that you can spend 8 Monster Gems at maximum per travel session. The Eromons you catch with the Monster Gems are entirely random!! The Eromons that can be caught during the Field Trip are the following:

SL Rarity
L Rarity
SSR Rarity

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