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    Collecting Gems

    April 12, 2016 by Benar

    Event begins shortly after another event now. The time to farm gems become less and less yet the need of tickets for event is always top priority. Thus, don't be worry, besides farming gems from story quest (Area 3-11 and Area 6-2 for instance) you can also can get gems from alchemy gems.

    Don't you have lots alchemy gems 1★? This time I will share with you a method of using the Alchemy gems effectively.

    By using alchemy, you can get gems (S) and (M). 1★ Alchemy-gems can be exchanged with gems (S) and 2★ with gems (M).

    the recipe below will absolutely result you gems (S) from 1★ as long as the conditions requirements are fulfilled.


    1. Total of 4 alchemy gems at least 400
    2. at least 1 of 4 colors is 90

    As the condition says, you need at leas…

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  • Benar

    About Tooltips

    March 11, 2016 by Benar

    Tooltips is a script that allows tooltips to be displayed while hovering over certain elements.

    To make the script show a tooltip when hovered over a specific element you have to add a special class to it.

    Basic tooltips – class: basic-tooltip

    This type of tooltip will only show the contents of title of this element.

    Taken from

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  • Benar

    Event Preparation Guide

    January 31, 2016 by Benar

    Greetings! Welcome to Benar's Event Preparation Guide.

    This Guide was created in order to help players prepare themselves prior the event.

    Event is time-limited usually a forthnight but sometimes it takes a whole month. 

    Event is known as a place to get limited SL or SSR eromons. It is also good to farm R/HR tickets and Alchemy gems. During Event, New Eromons may be introduced and are available in Gacha or Special Pack. Event is usually based on the Real Life Happenings/Celebration like Christmas or Halloween.

    Ongoing Event: Sorry for the Beheading!

    Upcoming Event:

    • EP ranking reward: 
    • EP achievement reward 1
    • EP achievement reward 2

    • Clearing Area 1 Emerald Forest - stage 5 Refuge

    Clearing the first story area will unlock the event area.

    During Event, …

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  • Benar

    Tabber info

    January 18, 2016 by Benar

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    Alchemy Exclusive Eromons

    December 22, 2015 by Benar


    Alchemy is a feature unlocked when you reach l​evel 5. This feature has many benefits, from getting items (switcheroo or gummy), gems and the most important:Alchemy-only Eromons.

    The Eromons are pretty handy and can help you in getting in top100 or even top10 Damage ranking and Combo ranking during Event.

    For more info about Alchemy, check here .

    Alchemy Gems Alchemy Gems are the ingredients that you need to do alchemy. There are 4 types of alchemy gems, just like eromon, namely: Red Gems, Green Gems, Yellow Gems and Blue Gems.

    Gems are divided into 3:  ★1,  ★2, and  ★3 gems.

    Gems can be acquired during battles in quest maps, usually ★1 or ★2. Daily Quest maps however are abundant with gems, and you can occasionally farm ★3 gems.

    You can ge…

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