Tooltips is a script that allows tooltips to be displayed while hovering over certain elements.


To make the script show a tooltip when hovered over a specific element you have to add a special class to it.

Basic Tooltip

Basic tooltips – class: basic-tooltip

This type of tooltip will only show the contents of title of this element.
<span class="basic-tooltip" title="Text to show inside tooltip">Basic tooltips</span>
Basic tooltips

Advanced Tooltip

Advanced tooltips – class: advanced-tooltip

Contents of this tooltip are taken from inside the element with tooltip-contents class. Contents of the element are taken as rendered - this allow to use wiki markup and HTML elements to format tooltip. Remember that contents of these tooltips are loaded on page load. This can drastically slow down page load times with big amounts of tooltips (including repeated uses of the same one).
<span class="advanced-tooltip">Advanced tooltips<div class="tooltip-contents">Tooltip content<br/><code>Including HTML tags</code></div></span>
Advanced tooltips
Tooltip content
Including HTML tags

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