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    Ticket Probability

    February 11, 2016 by Blitzcrank Bot

    First, let us make some assumptions. Assume that you have a 1/20 chance to encounter a booster in an HR ticket Gacha. Also, let us assume that everything is completely random. That is to say, the chances are always consistent, and past Gacha results do not affect future Gacha pulls.

    Formula : S = A(x+4)*(x)/(x+4) = Ax

    S: Success (capturing a booster)

    A: Appearance rate of a Booster (assumed to be 1/20 or 0.05)

    x: number of tickets used

    Thus, you have a probability of 0.05 of catching a booster if you use one HR ticket, but have a 0.5 with using 10 at once.

    But what if you use one ticket 10 times?

    The chance of getting a booster = 1 - (0.95)^10 = 0.401.

    So, as you can see, using 10 tickets at a time gives you a better chance at obtaining a booster. …

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