While bored I decided to calculate the damage formula.

Turns out someone else did it already but my numbers pretty much come to the same conclusion.

So let's start with how Attack is calculated.

Attack Formula

Attack is composed of three parts :

  1. the attack stat of your eromon.
  2. multiplied by the provocation bonus (which is 1 + provocation/5000)
  3. multiplied by the sum of damage bonus/penalty. The said bonus/penalty are :
    • Combo multiplier (from 1 to 2)
    • +/- 0.25 depending of Elements Advantage/Disadvantage
    • + 0.25 if a critical occurs.

Written out it'll look like :

Attack Stat * (1+ Provocation Stat/5000) * (Combo+Critical+Elemental Advantage/Elemental Disadvantage)

Their a few more bonuses you can accumulate via Special Books, but we'll ignore those to keep it simple.

Defense Formula

Defense part is more simple :

  1. The defense stat of your eromon.
  2. Multiplied by the provocation bonus (1 + provocation/5000)
  3. Multiplied by a constant (0.4 for enemy, 0.2 for you)

Written out it'll look like :

Defense Stat * (1+Provocation Stat/5000) * 0.4 / 0.2

The Actual Damage Part

Now that we know how to calculate our Eromon Attack and the Enemy Eromon Defense, what do we need to do to figure out the actual damage we deal, it's very simple it's

Attack - Defense

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