Yakumaru Minaho
Minaho Yakumaru Icon
Eromon Information
Type: Sapphire Type
Initial Rarity: HR Rarity
Final Rarity: L Rarity
Innate Move: Quick Draw Cruelty
BWH: 140cm
Height: 74/54/78
Illustration: Unreleased
Voice: Unreleased

Yakumaru Minaho is a Sapphire-type, HR→L Eromon, listed as the 395th Eromon in the Album Collection.

Obtainable from:

  • Multi-Spin Gacha
  • Rank UP Gacha
  • R/HR/Sexy Scenes Guaranteed Ticket Gacha

Album Entry

Although she looks young, she is a fast shooter recognized for her skill. Because of her uninterested eyes, she comes off as being distant, but her love and passion for guns is second to none. She usually communicates to people with a cold attitude but in reality she's extremely compassionate.


Level HP MP Attack Defense Provocation Speed
1 543 328 665 335 577 210
70 5030 1070 2406 1736 1179 291


Quick Draw Cruelty

Damage & Buff

Description Lv MP Cost Power
After dealing Sapphire damage to a single enemy, boosts user's SPEED by 30 temporarily.
Lv1 1200 920
LvMax ? 1120


HR Rarity: The name is Yakumaru Minaho. I'm the best fast shooter. Do you doubt it? Would you like to see?

SR Rarity: I like guns. They keep me alive, they're my partners. I like them more than people.

SSR Rarity: Minaho is a freelance so we may become enemies someday. When that day comes, I'll kill you painlessly.

SL Rarity: I don't want to become enemies with you, *Username*. Um... Because... You know...


H-Scenes Face Teaser

Yakumaru Minaho SSR Scene
Yakumaru Minaho L Scene Face


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